Welcome to England’s Heartland

Discover England’s Heartland with professional photographer and traveler Tim Landis, as he explores the unexpected moments in this incredible region…

Tim starts his adventure in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, which has a vibrant art, music and culinary scene. Next on his trip is the Peak District, the country’s first national park, which spans a whopping 555 square miles and offers incredible viewpoints throughout. Tim finishes his journey in Stratford-upon-Avon, home to William Shakespeare and a unique slice of English history and culture. All of these fascinating locations are easily accessible from Birmingham Airport. Today’s England is not just a collection of antiquities — a museum of icons to visit ‘one day’ — but is packed with unexpected moments to experience right now.

What do you travel for? Find it in England’s Heartland


England’s Heartland is located right in the centre of the country, just 2 hours north-west of London.

Birmingham Airport is your direct gateway to the Heartland, offering connections from around 480 places worldwide with 50 airlines.

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